* "Speaking as a Holocaust survivor, last year I lectured in Jeff’s genocide and Holocaust course. Not only did Jeff do an outstanding lecture, but he contributed a lot of his own prior knowledge to every topic I covered. Jeff initiated great discussions and debate with his students and made me feel very comfortable in front of them. He is a “student’s joy” and always gets the class going in the right direction."

-Tova Friedman


* "Jeff and his company Lifelong Cognition is a great idea for a community like ours.  I can depend on him to keep our residents active, and engaged with everything he provides."

-Veronica Rothman (Woodcrest Estates)


* “Jeff made our residents feel very nostalgic, and they enjoyed every lecture he has done for them. Many of them asked questions and were grateful for the time spent learning something new. Jeff has a lot of patience and I can tell that he enjoys what he does. He clearly connects to this age group.”

- Mary Beth Sumson (Sun City Senior Living)

*"Jeff came to our home and performed for our residents over the holidays. He took requests and provided an hour of pure joy!"

- Sara Kessler (80th Street Residence)