Designed for Cognitive Health



Lectures are a great way to exercise the brain and learn something new!  

Our mission is to encourage intellectual and cultural enrichment for seniors, by providing a stimulating college level lecture, workshop, and seminar environment through a resident driven program. Residents, and directors can choose the topics they are interested in, or we can suggest a topic for them. Go to our lecture page and see our lectures. Check in often...we are constantly adding topics.

Nostalgic Music and Film


Nostalgic music, and film holds magic. A great song, or scene from an old movie can conjure up memories or transport you back to the good old days. Music and film enhance moods, improve interest levels and increase positive emotions. Those with dementia and Alzheimer’s have been known to increase communication with others after listening, or seeing nostalgia. It can quickly trigger a memory from when they were younger. 


Armchair Travel: A Sensory Experience For Seniors

Travel can have a dramatic impact on people’s views and perceptions. It can also facilitate curiosity and break down cultural barriers. As we age, mobility issues or the loss of a travel partner can sometimes interfere with our love of travel. But today, technological advances have made “armchair travel” an option for rediscovering the world without leaving the comforts of home.

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